First off I would like to start off this article by offering my congratulations to Paul Drinkhall on winning the Polish under 21 pro tour, regardless of where is opponents were ranked it is never easy to win an international competition.

Now his winning of this event has been branded around by the ETTA on their Facebook page and on their website as you would rightly expect, they are promoting their own player and celebrating his achievements I don’t have a problem with that.

However, I have two problems with their coverage of the recent Polish pro tour.

The first problem I have with the coverage we as fans and members of the ETTA, is that we did not hear about all the players only the successes. I am not a glory hunter and I doubt many of you are, I support my Football team whether they win, lose or draw. I would love to be able to do the same with my national Table Tennis side.

It seems that the ETTA only tend to tell you the ranking (not even exact just in the region of e.g top 150) if they are promoting a good win thus attempting to make their system of selection look justified every time.

For the record I have no problem with the selection like other bloggers, I’m just stating the problems I see with the way the ETTA provide information for their members and followers.

My other problem with the ETTA is also due to the lack of information they give on their website. Its great to hear how out players have done, but as I am sure our licence fees helped fund these players be it training or travelling to worldwide tournaments I would love detailed reports of how they have done.

I would like to be able to put these wins into perspective; it would take the writer of the article and extra five minutes to put in all the rankings of the opponents they have faced. I would like to know whether every match is an expected loss or a good win etc.

If the ETTA choose to reply to this, which they won’t (can’t blame them too many bloggers to answer them all it’s not their job) they will probably site that the article writers our volunteers or low paid so spend little time on the articles.

That excuse just does not wash with me, in the past 13 days I have created whether by myself or out sourced through a friend 13 articles all of a good standard and length. It has not been particularly difficult so I cant see why the ETTA can’t match these standards.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh on the ETTA? Are they performing the best they can on a limited budget?

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