By Tony Alvarez

Following Cardiff’s 3-0 loss at home to Reading knocking them out of the play offs meaning they will face another year in the Championship there is much speculation as to whether manager Dave Jones has taken the club as far as it can go with him at the helm.

  The manager admitted as much after their latest high profile defeat which has so often been the Welsh clubs problem in recent times.

Jones said “I’ll take stock of my life, my position and whether I want to (continue)”

“It’s whether the owners and the hierarchy of the football club want you to.”

The dilemma for the board at Cardiff is a big one, do you relieve the man of his duties although he has got the club to the brink of success on so many occasions, there’s no guarantee that if someone else comes in they will cross the threshold into the big time, there’s no guarantee that they will even reach the heights that the blue birds have with Jones in charge.

Its also a dilemma for Jones does he walk away when he is so close to success, I am sure it would be heartbreaking for any manager to build a side and not achieve anything in terms of honours and see some one else come in and either ruin that squad or achieve the honours whilst having to do very little to what is already a very good and settled squad.

I wrote an article last week in which I explained that I felt Reading would beat Cardiff due to the Welsh side seemingly being unable to handle the big occasion, whilst this was proved right is it a trait in Jones does he struggle to fire his players up when there is everything to play for.

I personally feel Jones should be given more time, he has built a squad that has come so close to success in each of the last three seasons and as mentioned above there is no guarantee that a new face would produce similar/better results. I haven’t spoken to many Cardiff fans on the issue so am unsure whether they see Jones as the future of their club, if the fans want rid of him then its very unlikely he will be in charge at Ninian Park come August.

What are your thoughts? Should Jones remain in the Cardiff hot seat? Do you Cardiff fans want rid of him? Who would you realistically replace him with? What’s the reason for your side failing in the high profile matches? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.