By Tony Alvarez

Today it was announced that West Ham’s move to the Olympic Stadium after the London 2012 Games has been left in tatters.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) had chosen West Ham as their preferred tenants back in February, but an ongoing legal battle involvingLondonrivals Tottenham and Leyton Orient has forced the OPLC to scrap the deal.

It was feared that the legal challenges made by Spurs and Orient would damage the legacy and reputation of the games and, eventually, leave the Olympic Stadium empty for years meaning no money being made back against the astronomical build costs.

  The Olympic Stadium will remain in public ownership, with all potential tenants having too bid again for the right to rent the stadium at a cost of a suspected amount of £2 million a year, however it is not yet known if the price will remain the same should a club agree a 10 year rental for instance.

West Ham have confirmed that they will be interested in renting the stadium which will now see the OPLC foot the bill for reducing the stadium from 80,000 seater stadium to a 60,000 seater but however would mean that the running track would remain in the stadium almost guaranteeing a loss of atmosphere and a reduced quality of view for the spectators.

Leyton Orient who were the biggest opposition to West Ham’s bid for the stadium along with Tottenham Hotspur have released a statement via their chairman Barry Hearn saying “It is a fabulous day for Leyton Orient” after confirming Orient would rival West Ham for tenancy he added “West Ham are not a shoo-in, that’s very good because they will be competing with a host of other people who have claims on and plans for the Olympic Stadium…. We have already thrown our hand into the ring and we are going to be part of the bidding process”

The title of the article is could this be a blessing in disguise because I know many West Ham fans were opposed to this, one of the most famous things about Upton Park is the famous atmosphere especially “forever blowing bubbles” which could be lost in the Olympic stadium as the sound would have to travel over the running track to get onto the pitch.

I am not sure who the ideal tenant would be for Olympic park Orient with all due respect will not fill the ground, West Ham may or may not sell the ground out every week but would certainly lose the atmosphere and the 12th man effect and the other original suitors however its now believed they wont re-enter the race Tottenham would have to move way out of the area the team is based in order to occupy stadium.

What are your thoughts? Would a rental agreement be the best move for West Ham United? Would the atmosphere created really be lost due to the running track? As Hammers fans would you welcome a move to OP? Who do you think the rightful tenants should be? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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