By Tony Alvarez
Yesterday the shortlist of players who are in with a chance of winning the PFA Player of the year were revealed, the lucky six include three Manchester City players in Sergio Aguero, David Silva and goalkeeper Joe Hart, the other nominees are the Premier League’s top two scorers Arsenal’s Robin Van Persie who has scored against every club besides Man City and Fulham. Manchester United Wayne Rooney and finally Tottenham’s midfield destroyer Scott Parker.
Shortly after the nominations many were questioning the shortlist especially the inclusion of Tottenham man Scott Parker. Unfortunately for Parker he plays a role which is not often appreciated by fans but even aside from that I don’t think his nomination is justified.
Parker to his credit played very well for the first half of the season when Tottenham were a breath of fresh air in the Premier League with their style, however it wasn’t only Parker who was good in that spell Gareth Bale at spells was unplayable, Adebayor was a constant menace either through his goal scoring ability or as a provider of goals.     
Another one who is so frequently mentioned but I feel was immense in the early part of the season was Younes Kaboul.
It is not me questioning Parker’s ability but I don’t feel he was the best player in his side let alone better than every other player in the League bar the 5 other nominees.
I can’t argue with the other 5 Van Persie has been installed as the early favourite but Rooney in recent weeks has helped drag United to the summit of the table, Silva was immense for two thirds of the season, Aguero has had a magnificent debut season and at time Joe Hart has won City games. Although if a keeper was to be included personally I’d say Vorm or Krul deserves a mention above Hart.
I think its a crying shame the players of smaller clubs have been ignored, the likes of Yakubu and Clint Dempsey for me have more right to be included that Scott Parker.
Yakubu might not be the most spectacular of players but without a doubt Blackburn would already be relegated without his goals, to score the amount of goals he has with a side in the position Blackburn are in is almost unheard of.
Dempsey’s non inclusion is maybe more reasonable as his team are in mid table obscurity but again the amount of goals he has scores for someone who we must remember isn’t a striker is a terrific feat.
In my opinion has Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard scored the amount of League goals Dempsey has they would be included and they have better players around them who create more chances so should be scoring more.
As I write this I look at Twitter and the subject is trending and the general consensus seems to be that Scott Parker’s inclusion isn’t merited and that Clint Dempsey should feel hard done by there is also a lot saying that as a holding midfielder Alex Song has offered a lot more than Scott Parker.
I’m not going to comment on this because I probably am Arsenal biased and seeing Song play week in week out I recognise his value.
If I were to of picked Hart and Parker would of been out and Krul and Dempsey would have been in, but what do you think?
Who would you of included in your selection? Who do you think will take the award?
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