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South American contestants, Uruguay, have shown that they are taking Olympic football glory seriously, by selecting an extremely strong 18-man squad for London 2012.

The side are 7/1 for the gold in the Olympics football betting odds on Betfair, behind Spain and Brazil.

Liverpool striker, Luis Saurez, is one of the main attractions, and he is joined by fellow Reds player, defender Sebastian Coates.

Suarez is one of the three over-age players allowed to be included, with Palermo’s Arevalo Rios and Napoli’s Edinson Cavani also selected by coach, Oscar Tabarez.

So, at least England will know what to expect when they play Uruguay, having also been drawn in group A along with Senegal and the UAE.

Uruguay have won the Olympic gold medal on two occasions, having first triumphed on their debut at the Games in Paris, in 1924, beating Switzerland 3-0.

They followed up, four years later, in Amsterdam, beating Argentina 2-1 in a replay after the first match ended all square, but they have not been anywhere near as successful since.

However, the South Americans, who join fellow CONMEBOL side, Brazil, in London, are expected to be one of the big challengers for the gold medal, having won the 2011 Copa America.

In addition, quite a few of the squad were part of the side that captured last year’s South American under-21 tournament.

The inclusion of Saurez, while good news for Uruguay, means that Liverpool will be without their star player for the start of pre-season training, but, when he does return to Merseyside, it could well be with a medal round his neck, maybe even gold, although his fellow Premier League peers will hope not.

The Betfair Tennis webpage may also be of interest to fans of the Olympics; Andy Murray is fourth-favourite, as ever, to win the gold.



By Tony Alvarez
Since the announcement that there will be a team GB Football team competing at the Olympic Games in London, there has been dismay and negativity from many different parties.
In the last week Dai Greene a World championship gold medallist and one of Britain’s top gold medal hopes spoke out against the idea.
Greene explained that he felt it unfair that athletes train for four years, with the games being the pinnacle of the athlete’s careers in many cases, where as footballers will go into the tournament on the back of a prolonged break and will not be in peak condition for the games.
I can understand Greene’s point of view a star studied football side is not in the spirit of the Olympics whilst athletes like Greene grew up dreaming of Olympic glory, the footballers who will be playing never had the Olympics in their minds at all on the road to stardom.
Many clubs are also against the inclusion of star players in the team, with many players expressing an interest in playing should they be selected the clubs will be powerless to stop them.
The concerns for the clubs is that the tournament comes on the back of Euro 2012 meaning players participating in both will barely get any rest during the summer and my suffer burnout during the season.
The other major concern for clubs is that the Olympic football tournament will run alongside the premier league meaning the players selected will miss fixtures for their clubs whilst on duty with team GB.
The welsh FA are believed to be strongly against being part of a British team, however star players Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale have both been pictured in official 2012 merchandise adding fuel to the speculation that both will compete should they be selected.

I am not particularly against a team GB side I think it will be nice to see them compete for medals and to be honest I will be attempting to get tickets to watch them play, I can understand the athletes frustration as this for them is their time in the lime light there chance to be on the back pages, they are over shadowed by Footballers on a daily basis and with a team GB side it is possible that the Olympics will now follow that trend.

I can also understands the clubs frustration, more games means more risk of injury and even if the players come back form both the Euro’s and Olympics injury free they will still of missed a fair amount of club Football all while the clubs are still paying their wages.

What are your thoughts? Is a team GB Football team a good idea? Can you understand athlete’s and clubs frustrations? Will you be happy if your side are missing players so they can represent team GB? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts

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By Tony Alvarez

Leyton Orient chairman Barry Hearn has announced that his club are looking into the legal action that can be taken after West Ham were announced preferred bidders for the Olympic Stadium.

  Hearn’s concerns are that with a “bigger” club moving so close to them that the next generation brought up in that area will support the Hammers, it is also rumoured that due to West Ham being unlikely to sell out the stadium they will be giving away tickets or offering huge discounts thus taking fans off Orient which in turn will cost them in ticket sales, Hearn believes that West Ham’s proposed move could damage the long term future of Leyton Orient Football Club.

During an interview Hearn was quoted as saying “There’s no doubt in my mind, and I think a blind man would say, that they can see West Ham moving to the Olympic Stadium will have an enormous adverse effect on Leyton Orient.”

 Hearn also points to the fact that a move for West Ham or anyone except Orient to the Olympic Stadium would break existing Premier League rules about how close two teams home grounds can be to each other. “The Premier League themselves in breach of their own rules by sanctioning a move by a club closer to a resident football league club which would have an adverse effect on its sustainability”

 Whilst these concerns are not new and have regularly been brought up during the bidding process for the right to call the Olympic Stadium home people seem to be taking more notice now there is a threat of a club becoming extinct.

 I can understand West Ham wanting the move they are just trying to move their club to a higher level and on to bigger and better things but I think it is the duty of the Premier League clubs to look after the Football Leagues, England is seen as a great Footballing nation not down to the 20 Premier League clubs but due to all 92 Football League clubs (I am including the Welsh in this) and even deeper than that in non league football.

From my point of view I think a move could seriously hurt Orient in terms of revenue, I couldn’t see them going bust due to it but regardless its not something we want to see in Football, even as a fan of a Premier League side I do not want to see 10 teams in the Premier league have 60,000+ capacity grounds if it means only 10 men and a dog are watching the Football Leagues.

Will the proposed move take fans away from Orient? Is there a real threat to Orient’s revenue? Do you West Ham fans want the Olympic stadium? Do you still be given the go ahead or will Hearn’s legal proceedings damage your chances? Let us know what you think.

Orient fans you may want to read an interview I conducted earlier in the season with former Orient man Loick Pires, this interview also features a Soccer AM style team mates section, to take a look click on the following link: https://shoutsfromthestands.wordpress.com/2010/11/25/player-interview-former-leyton-orient-man-loick-pires/

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