By Tony Alvarez

Following today’s announcement from Brazilian superstar Ronaldo that he is to retire from Football with immediate effect, many fans and sections of the media are celebrating his glittering career.

   Despite numerous injuries Ronaldo has represented some of the World’s most illustrious clubs and has won many major honour that the world has to offer, he is one of only two players to be named the World player of the year on three occasions, a winner of the World cup in 2002 a runner up in 1998.

 In domestic football Ronaldo represented Cruzeiro, PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan and finally Corinthians scoring 326 goals in 466 club games a record bettered by no one add to this his 62 goals in 97 appearances for Brazil.

 He also boasts the record of being the highest scorer in the history of the World Cup with 15 goals, no one could argue that the man had an illustrious career but is it to early to call him a legend or as some people have suggested the player of a generation.

  For me a legend who is someone who is well regarded way after his playing career has finished, with Ronaldo’s goal scoring there is little doubt he will achieve legend status in the future.

However it’s the player of the generation tag that I simple cannot agree with and this may be controversial but for me Ronaldo does not possess the ability that Lionel Messi does.

 Now I am sure in counter arguments people will argue that Messi’s scoring record does not match Ronaldo’s he has never won a World Cup or competed at the top level for the amount of time that Ronaldo did. But people must remember that like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi is not an out an out striker this makes his scoring record all the more impressive, he is not generally injury prone which it certainly cant be argued that Ronaldo was and offers more to a side than just goals.

I am aware that any counter argument would also point to the fact that Ronaldo was proved in many countries and for many different clubs where as Messi has only shown his ability in possibly the best club side ever.

So whilst for me the man more affectionately known as “the fat Ronaldo” will be consider as a legend for me he is not the player of his generation.

What do you think? Can Ronaldo be considered a legend? Is he the player of your generation? Do you consider Messi as a better player than Ronaldo was or does he need to prove himself in another side? Will anyone ever best Ronaldo’s World Cup goal scoring record? Let us know your thoughts….

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