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By Tony Alvarez
The last fixture of the season in the English Football leagues takes place at Wembley on Sunday as the league 2 play off final is contested between Crewe and Cheltenham.
Both sides are vying to make the step up and be playing in League One next year, there is also many players hoping this fixture can put them in the shop window for a move onto bigger and better things.

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2011/12 Carling Cup Final Preview

By Laurie Fitzgerald

Today the first domestic final of the English season takes place, as Liverpool and Cardiff City battle it out at Wembley stadium in the Carling Cup Final.

The Reds are firm favourites to win their eighth League Cup against Championship opponents that are competing in their first final in this competition.

But while Cardiff are familiar with the new Wembley after they lost in the 2008 FA Cup Final to Portsmouth, this is Liverpool’s first trip to the famous arena since it was rebuilt and opened back in 2007.

For Kenny Dalglish it’s a welcome return to a major cup final as Liverpool manager, his first in the Anfield hotseat since winning the all-Merseyside FA Cup Final back in 1989.   Continue reading

By Tony Alvarez

  Due to the Champions League final between Manchester United andBarcelonabeing held at Wembley the League One and Two play-off finals will be moved from there traditional home and to Manchester United’s Old Trafford.

 This means that either Huddersfield or Bournemouth,Peterboroughor MK Dons in League one andShrewsburyor Torquay andStevenageor Accrington Stanley will miss out on the chance to play at the home of Football.

You may think that if the players get promoted they won’t care where it happens but I can assure you everyone wants to play at Wembley, when they started their careers they dreamed of playing in front of 90,000 people under the same lights that the likes of David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Kaka have played under.

When Wembley was rebuilt costing all those millions it was meant to be the centre piece of English Football and few will argue there are many bigger games in English football than play off finals, no other games mean as much to a club.

Now I understand that the Champions League brings in big revenue for those at the FA which they may argue is reinvested into the Football Leagues so every club feels the benefit.

I am not against the final being held at Wembley I am not particularly for it, it just doesn’t bother me but there surely must be a way of having the play off finals as well as the Champions League finals there.

Given the chance to play at Wembley I’m sure the clubs involved would not mind playing a day earlier or a day later if it meant being able to say they played at the home of Football.

This isn’t a dig at out Trafford at all I’ve never been and I’m told it’s a good ground and views are decent, but it doesn’t have the same prestige and the same status that Wembley does, even if people still think of it with the towers rather than the arch, Wembley has a history within World Football Old Trafford cant boast that same status.

What do you think? Am I going over the top at the value of playing at Wembley? Will the players be bothered where the final is held? Is there a way they could of played the Champions League and the play offs at Wembley? Leave a comment and let us know your views

By Tony Alvarez

Now it’s settled on Sunday February the 27th the Carling cup final will be contested between Arsenal and Birmingham, but this article isn’t about either of those sides.

    Arsenal have announced the news that they will receive 31,803 tickets at the time of writing this Birmingham have realised no ticket information for this fixture but it  would be safe to assume they will receive the same ticket allowance.

 Wembley stadium where the final will be played holds 90,000 people if Birmingham do receive the same amount of tickets for this fixture as Arsenal the two clubs combined will receive 63,606, leaving 26,394 tickets for who.

I know the answer is corporate fans and all the people the FA want to entertain but how can the FA justify entertaining nearly as many people as either side has fans in the ground.

Many sections of the media are often claiming that the clubs forget Football is about us the fans and without us none of these clubs would be able to exist and non of these players would receive anywhere near the wages they do.

 But in this instance I think its the FA need to remember that without fans they would also not be in business. If they continue these one off fixtures that are the pinnacle of their tournaments will be nothing but corporate events that fans will not care about, the Carling cup has already been belittled in recent years I just don’t think the FA are helping themselves by stopping real fans going to see the show piece.

It seems to me that the FA are guilty of being a little bit greedy, from England fixtures where they take 100% of the profit you would never see them give away nearly a third of the grounds capacity, with this fixture where the profits are shared they seem to be happy to use this to entertain some customers.

 Now I understand the FA do not give out all 27000 odd tickets and the sponsors get some, but how many people will they realistically entertain, the teams should reveive atleast 40,000 tickets each.

 Arsenal have around 40,000 fans that go and see them week in week out and now the club will have to tell some of them fans that they cant go and see their side possibly lift silverware because the FA have not allocated enough tickets.

The above is not being biased I’m not for a second suggesting Arsenal should get more tickets than Birmingham because they have a bigger fan base, its just an example.

I am also fully aware that this is not the first time this sort or scenario has happened and many clubs have suffered from it in the past.

What do you think? Is this a problem or am I blowing it out of proportion? How could the FA fix this problem? Do you think the FA are taking the fans for granted? Let us know and leave any other thoughts you may have.

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